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Select a topic from the list below to learn more.

• Air Pressure
• Alignment of Vehicle
• All Season Tires
• Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
• Anti-Slip Control (ASR)
• Aquaplaning (Hydroplaning)
• Asymmetrical Tread
• Balancing
• Bead
• Braking distance
• Camber
• Casing
• Chains
• ContiComfortKit (CCK)
• Date of Manufacture
• Direction of Rotation
• DOT Serial Number
• Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
• Emergency Mobility Systems
• Hydroplaning (Aquaplaning)
• Load Index, Ply Rating or Load Range
• Minimum Removal Tread Depth


• Mixing Tires
• Radial Tires
• Reinforced or XL (extra load) Tires
• Replacement
• Revolutions Per Mile (RPM)
• Rolling Resistance
• Rotation
• Self-Supporting Run-Flat Tires (SSR)
• Speed Symbol
• Temporary Spare Tires
• Tire Gauge
• Tire Size Designation
• Tire Storage
• Toe
• Tread
• Tread Depth
• Tread Wear Indicator (TWI)
• Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG)
• Valve
• Valve Cap
• Winter Tires

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Before purchasing new tires, you should remember the following: Only fit the tires specified in your vehicle documents, otherwise you might be breaking the law; this can have severe insurance and legal consequences for you if you have an accident.

If you fit tires not specified in the vehicle documents, these must be approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

Our recommendations when purchasing new tires:

• Fit only tires from one single manufacturer. (Using tires from different manufacturers can substantially impair the driving and braking characteristics of the vehicle.)
• At least replace tires per axle. (In general four-wheel drive vehicles should be fitted with identical tires.)
• When replacing tires, include the spare wheel at an early stage.
• Always insist on new valves when fitting new tires.
• Please allow for any specifications regarding running direction.