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Technical Details

3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification

Certified for use in severe winter conditions.

Sinusoidal Siping System

High density of lateral snow edges which generate snow grip for improved snow braking and handling. Interlocking of siped blocks enhances dry handling.

Traction Teeth

Bite into snow and slush to create additional traction in deep snow and slush conditions. Deflects stones to prevent tread from catching gravel and protects from tread penetration.

Waved Longitudinal Grooves

Wide longitudinal grooves for good hydroplaning performance and interlocking snow-blocks for snow traction. 

Centre Rib with Less Sipes

Increase lateral pattern stiffness for dry handling and even wear.

Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI)

Gives drives visual feedback about correct steering adjustment of vehicle.


AltiMAX 365 AW Brochure

AltiMAX 365 AW Brochure

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